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The Satiama Blog

Write Your Book, Tell Your Story

The simple truth is this:  every person is a visionary with a unique story to tell. Whether that story is your own autobiographical story, whether it is a work of fiction, whether poetry is your medium or whether you tell your story through art, music, dance or some other medium, we all have a ... VIEW POST

What’s In A Name?

We all tend at times to employ labels to help identify or categorize various thought systems and ideologies as a way to sort and classify the enormous amount of information with which we are presented each day. That is especially true in when talking about the Mind-Body-Spirit industry, sometimes ... VIEW POST

The Shambhala Prophecy as told by Joanna Macy by Julie Loar

The Shambhala Prophecy as told by Joanna Macy “I often tell this story in workshops, for it describes the work we aim to do, and the training we engage in. It is about the coming of the Kingdom of Shambhala, and it is about you, and me.”      Joanna Macy (Joanna Rogers Macy, is an ... VIEW POST

Julie Loar: Perspective – Inner and Outer Change

“I see myself by the light of my becoming.”   Egyptian Book of Coming Forth into Day I’m just back from my twelfth trip to Egypt since 1995. As always the experience was profound and heart opening. I took this picture of the Full Moon as our group was about to enter the Great Pyramid for two ... VIEW POST

Julie Loar: Trust

“Trust in dreams, for in them is the hidden gate to eternity.” ~Khalil Gibran An intrinsic wisdom lives inside a seed. The small miracle trusts that if planted in rich soil, watered by rain, and warmed by sunlight, the seed will break out of its shell, sprout, and grow according to its template of ... VIEW POST

How the Schumann Resonance Shows How the Earth Loves You

If we wish to understand the highest aspects of love, we only have to look at Mother Earth upon which we live. She has done all she can to help, protect and sustain us, as we move through the lifetimes, taking as much as we can from this beautiful, fruitful planet. The Earth has sacrificed ... VIEW POST

A Leap of Trust by Robyn Jones

When I was a child, the practice of faith meant dressing up in one of my ruffly dresses, memorizing bible verses, washing graham crackers down with Kool-Aid during Sunday school, and learning the stories of the King James Bible. As I grew older, I started questioning all of the stories and beliefs ... VIEW POST

I See You by Robyn Jones

Driving with my sister through Texas the night before Hurricane Harvey hit, I witnessed one of those rare sunsets that no camera can possibly capture. Rich fuchsias and oranges melted into deep purples, and the rolling hills cast shadows that were so amazing we had to pull our car over and just ... VIEW POST

The Messy Sacred by Robyn Jones

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.” ~Joseph Campbell Joseph Campbell wrote often about sacredness, whether sacred spaces, sacred rituals, or sacred living. One definition of “sacred” means connecting with a God or gods, while another means having immense respect or ... VIEW POST

An Interview with Lynne McTaggert by Julie Loar

The following is a transcript of an interview conducted by Satiama Radio moderator Julie Loar. Ms. Loar’s questions are in bold. (JULIE LOAR) We are very fortunate to be interviewing best-selling author Lynne McTaggert.  Lynne is one of the central authorities on the new science of ... VIEW POST

Julie Loar: Radiance

“Even though my life may seem to lie in ruins at times, I know that I can rise from the ashes like the phoenix, as the scales of Karma balance all.”  (from Goddesses for Every Day–August 1) I begin each day reading the goddess for the day from my book, opening to how the goddess might speak to ... VIEW POST

Julie Loar: Metamorphisis

“We must let go of the life we have planned to be able to accept the one that is waiting for us.” Joseph Campbell Metamorphosis is a total change of form, or morphology. We are familiar with the caterpillar that spins a cocoon and is completely transformed inside the chrysalis, changing from a ... VIEW POST